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Thousands gather in Southport for President Trump rally

SOUTHPORT, Ind. – Supporters of President Donald Trump were lining up way ahead of his expected arrival on Friday.

By Friday morning, dozens of supporters had already gathered outside Southport High School ahead of the President’s rally. Some of the first in line told FOX59 that they had begun “camping” out the day before.

“We got here yesterday about 4 in the afternoon,” Randal Thom said.

Thom was joined by a half dozen others from across the country. Each had the goal of being the first in line for Friday’s rally.

“This will be my 45th rally for the 45th president tonight. So this will be my last one for the midterms then ill gear up for the 2020 elections,” Thom said.

By early Friday afternoon hundreds of supporters, many from across central Indiana, had gathered outside the school. The influx of people also made an impact on local businesses.

“We’ve got a lot of people from out of the state coming here to buy stuff,” Long’s Bakery employee Spencer Campfield said.

Nearly a dozen souvenir vendors peddling merchandise with the President’s name and likeness also popped up on Southport streets.

“For us in the souvenir business it’s going great.” Jeremy Boyts said.

“I’ve met people who say oh this is my fifth hat, this is my sixth hat. I’ve got a shirt for every day of the week,” he added.

By the time the doors of Southport High School opened a massive crowd of thousands had filled the school’s parking lot and sidewalks. The crowd became so large that hundreds were turned away, or left due to the gym running out of space, a sign that supporters said they believed boded well for the midterm elections.

“I believe in my heart of hearts that we’re not just going to have a red wave but a red tsunami,” Randal Thom said.

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