LIVE BLOG: Midterm Election 2018

Throughout the night we’ll be chronicling the major developments across the nation and here in Indiana for the 2018 midterm election. Follow along with our Live Blog below.

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Web Admin November 6, 20185:59 PM

Monroe County extends voting to 7pm after some polling locations ran out of ballots. But Johnson County declined to extend voting hours past 6pm despite an election system failure earlier today that disrupted voting for many.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:01 PM

Most polls are now officially closed throughout central Indiana, but those who were in line at their polling place as of 6pm will be allowed to vote.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:08 PM

A big majority of voters, about two-thirds, made their 2018 election decision before the last month, that’s according to preliminary exit poll data. Only one-in-five said they decided in the last month and even fewer said they made up their minds in the last few days or last week.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:09 PM

A big majority of voters, about two-thirds, made their 2018 election decision before the last month, that’s according to preliminary exit poll data. Only one-in-five said they decided in the last month and even fewer said they made up their minds in the last few days or last week.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:10 PM

More preliminary exit poll data: About four-in-five voters have voted in a midterm election before, but about 15% said that this is the first time they’ve voted in a midterm. By comparison: about 10% were first-time voters in the 2016 election.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:18 PM

First numbers in for the Indiana Senate race are in:  With 1% reporting: Braun 57% or 3,543 votes, Donnelly with 39% or 2,410 votes, Brenton with 5% or 287 votes.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:27 PM

Donnelly just spoke briefly with reporters, says he feels good about things – and thanked all the Hoosiers who came out to vote.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:32 PM

Exit polls show most voters nationally feel good about the economy. The economy, however, was not the key issue for many voters this midterm election. It ranked third, behind health care and immigration but well ahead of gun policy.

Web Admin November 6, 20186:39 PM

More comments from Donnelly a short time ago: “We’re pretty excited about how it looks in some ways, but we’ve always known it was going to be close but we’re very optimistic. I’ve won close races before and more than anything I just want everyone to have the chance to vote. Please stay in line, please wait to vote. This is an awesome night with tremendous turnout.”

Web Admin November 6, 20187:10 PM

Latest on the Indiana Senate race…
68 of 5,375 precincts – 1 percent
Joe Donnelly, Dem (i) 14,177 – 36 percent
Mike Braun, GOP 23,809 – 60 percent
Lucy Brenton, Lib 1,533 – 4 percent

Web Admin November 6, 20187:22 PM

Projection: Vermont independent and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is re-elected to the US Senate.

Andy Koval November 6, 20187:29 PM

Indiana Senate race update: 425 of 5,375 precincts reporting:

Braun, 144,270 – 58 percent 

Donnelly, 95,314 – 38 percent 

Brenton, 9,422 – 4 percent

Andy Koval November 6, 20187:40 PM

Indiana Senate race update: 565 of 5,375 precincts – 11 percent 

Braun, 172,413 – 58 percent 

Donnelly, 110,970 – 38 percent 

Brenton, 11,733 – 4 percent

Web Admin November 6, 20187:41 PM

CNN projects Vice President Mike Pence’s brother Greg will win his former House seat here in Indiana.

Greg Margason - Digital Producer November 6, 20187:41 PM

Greg Margason - Digital Producer November 6, 20187:41 PM

Web Admin November 6, 20187:55 PM

Democrats will take their first US House seat from Republicans, as Jennifer Wexton is now predicted to defeat Barbara Comstock in Virginia.

Web Admin November 6, 20188:01 PM

FOX News probability meter at this hour says 77% likelihood that the Dems take control of the House, while there’s a 56% likelihood that the GOP keeps Senate control.

Andy Koval November 6, 20188:09 PM

Greg Margason - Digital Producer November 6, 20188:19 PM

Republican Jim Banks to win re-election to House in Indiana’s 3rd District, AP projects.

Web Admin November 6, 20188:24 PM

Greg Pence on winning Indiana District 6 US House seat: – “Thanks to all of you for this immense pleasure. I’m honored to be your next congressman for Indiana’s 6th district. I’ll take our perspective, our Hoosier values, and our experiences to capitol hill to represent all of us.”

Web Admin November 6, 20188:31 PM

IPS referendums are off to a good start in early returns; Greg Pence, Jim Banks, Jackie Walorski all seal Indiana congressional wins.

Web Admin November 6, 20188:32 PM

Two potential 2020 Democratic candidates, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, both easily won re-election tonight, keeping their presidential aspirations alive and thriving.

Greg Margason - Digital Producer November 6, 20188:32 PM

AP projects Democratic incumbent Andre Carson will win U.S. House race in District 7. 

AP has also projected the state constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget will pass.

Web Admin November 6, 20188:37 PM

Associated Press is projecting that Donna Shalala will win Florida’s 27th Congressional District. This is a pick up for Democrats, as she defeated Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. It’s the second pickup as Democrat Jennifer Wexton was earlier projected to win her election to represent Virginia’s 10th congressional district in the U.S. House against Republican two-term incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock.

Matt Adams - Web Producer November 6, 20188:39 PM

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted congratulations to his brother for winning a seat in the U.S. House: 

Web Admin November 6, 20188:40 PM

Web Admin November 6, 20188:44 PM

Voting hours have been extended at 3 polling places in Georgia’s Fulton County, home to much of Atlanta. The state has a contentious governor’s race that has been the subject of voter suppression allegations.

Andy Koval November 6, 20188:45 PM

Indiana Senate race update: 2,073 of 5,375 precincts – 39 percent reporting

Braun, 533,677 – 57 percent
Donnelly, 369,452 – 39 percent
Brenton, 39,132 – 4 percent

Web Admin November 6, 20188:49 PM

ABC News is projecting Mike Braun has won the Indiana Senate seat. But FOX News and the AP have not yet called this race.

Greg Margason - Digital Producer November 6, 20188:57 PM

AP projects Republican Trey Hollingsworth wins re-election to House in Indiana’s 9th congressional district.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:05 PM

CBS News joins ABC News in predicting Mike Braun defeats Joe Donnelly as the GOP claim’s Indiana’s Senate seat. FOX News has yet to call this race.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:09 PM

Web Admin November 6, 20189:13 PM

With 50% of precincts reporting, GOP candidate Mike Braun is leading Incumbent Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly by nearly 150,000 votes. Two networks have called the race for Braun.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:16 PM

IPS Schools property tax referendums look poised to pass with more than 70% of the votes in favor of both. Nearly two-thirds of the votes have been counted.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:22 PM

FOX News has now projected Mike Braun is Indiana’s new Senator defeating Joe Donnelly. All four major networks have now declared Braun the winner, but Donnelly has not conceded.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:24 PM

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma is leading in his re-election bid with 58 percent of the vote against Democrat Poonam Gill, with 61 percent of the precincts reporting. Bosma was the target of sexual misconduct allegations.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:27 PM

With 184 out of 221 precincts reporting, Noblesville’s school referendum has 58 percent voting yes, 41 percent no.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:31 PM

Sen. Todd Young (R) Indiana reacts to Mike Braun’s win for the state’s other Senate seat: “I think Mike Braun’s run an exceptional campaign… I think this means I’m gonna have someone to fight next to me to keep growing this healthy economy and we’ll see more jobs and wages continue to rise as we have over the last couple of years.”

Matt Adams - Web Producer November 6, 20189:32 PM

Around 9:30 p.m., Sen. Joe Donnelly conceded defeat in the U.S. Senate race. He said he’d called Mike Braun to congratulate him on the win and offered to do whatever he could to ensure a smooth transition.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:34 PM

Rep. Andre Carson/D-Indiana 7th district reacts to his Congressional victory tonight: “We have more fights to win, we have to get prepared for 2020. Because we’ve got a 1 term president, don’t you think any differently.”

Web Admin November 6, 20189:36 PM

Web Admin November 6, 20189:43 PM

Noblesville’s $50 million school referendum on target to pass with 83% of precincts reporting in Hamilton County.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:44 PM

Democrats will retake control of the House of Representatives, Fox News projects.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:50 PM

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson is projected to easily keep her seat with a victory over Democrat challenger Jim Harper. With 54 percent of precincts reporting, Lawson has 59 percent of the vote, compared to 38 percent for Harper.

Web Admin November 6, 20189:51 PM

Web Admin November 6, 20189:53 PM

Web Admin November 6, 20189:55 PM

Web Admin November 6, 20189:57 PM

Mike Braun takes the podium to chants of “Mike, Mike, Mike” – He starts out by thanking his wife, says “truly dear we’ve lived the American dream” with his family on stage. “What a journey this has been!”

Web Admin November 6, 20189:58 PM

Braun: “I want to thank all Hoosiers. I will not let you down. I promise you that.” Braun also says politics has gotten “way too nasty” on both sides. “It should be about ideas…about what you bring to the table.”

Web Admin November 6, 20189:59 PM

Web Admin November 6, 201810:00 PM

Hamilton County 100% precincts reporting… Noblesville School Safety referendum passes with 58% of the vote: YES- 13,868 NO- 10.030.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:05 PM

Two new interesting projections from other parts of the US tonight: 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will win Utah Senate seat… and Colorado Democrat Jared Polis will become the first openly gay man elected governor in the US.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:08 PM

Braun concludes victory speech by noting: “It can only happen in America, in Indiana where you’re with the President, the Vice President, and Bobby Knight on the same stage”

Web Admin November 6, 201810:18 PM

In addition to Mike Braun claiming what had been a Democratic Senate seat here in Indiana, Republican Kevin Cramer is projected by FOX News to unseat Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota. This further ensures likelihood that GOP retains Senate control.

Greg Margason - Digital Producer November 6, 201810:19 PM

Marion County election board suspends counting of absentee ballots for the night. They’ll resume at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:22 PM

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is touting GOP candidate Mike Braun’s Indiana Senate win, saying that the President’s support made a difference in that race. “It’s been a good night for the President,” she said.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:28 PM

Split decision by voters across the nation tonight: Projections show Republicans will retain control the US Senate and Democrats will take control the US House.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:45 PM

Web Admin November 6, 201810:50 PM

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Democratic wave looks more like a “ripple.” Dems take the House, but Republicans hold onto the Senate.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:52 PM

Democrat Terry Curry appears headed to a third term as Marion County prosecutor. He’s leading Republican Ben Strahm with 63 percent of the vote and 90 percent of precincts reporting.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:55 PM

Democrat Kerry Forestal claims victory in the Marion County sheriff’s race. With 90 percent of all precincts reporting, Forestal has 62 percent of the vote. compared to 38 percent for Brian Durham.

Web Admin November 6, 201810:58 PM

Hamilton County Republicans easily hold onto control of all county offices by sweeping seven contested races, including sheriff, clerk of the circuit court, three county council seats and a county commission position.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:05 PM

Gov. Holcomb issues statement congratulating Mike Braun on victory: “I’ve always said that we need more Indiana in Washington, and that’s exactly what we’re getting with Mike Braun.”

Web Admin November 6, 201811:07 PM

Web Admin November 6, 201811:09 PM

There are still 50,000 uncounted absentee ballots in Marion County. As we previously reported, the Election Board will count them tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:11 PM

AP projects Democrat J.D. Ford has defeated Republican Mike Delph. Ford becomes first LGBT candidate elected to Indiana General Assembly.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:25 PM

With JD Ford’s win tonight, Indiana Dems have now gained one state Senate seat in addition to one state House seat. 3 House seats are still up in the air, and the Dems would need to win them all to break a super-majority.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:32 PM

The Indianapolis Public Schools reformers appear to have held off challenges by teachers union-backed candidates to maintain their majority on the board, although our news gathering partners at the Indy Star say one of the three board races remains too close to call.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:37 PM

President Trump has tweeted that tonight was a “tremendous success.”

Web Admin November 6, 201811:40 PM

In addition to Mike Braun capturing a Democratic Senate seat here in Indiana, Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley is projected by FOX News to defeat two-term Democratic Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:50 PM

Snapshot of Indiana exit poll data via the Associated Press:
– Indiana voters were split on whether the country is on the right track, with about half saying the country is headed in the wrong direction.
– Health care was at the forefront of Indiana voters’ minds, with almost 3 in 10 naming it as the most important issue facing the nation in this year’s midterm elections.
– Indiana voters have a positive view of the nation’s economic outlook — seven in 10 said the nation’s economy is good while about 3 in 10 said it isn’t.
– Indiana voters had mixed views of Trump: About half said they approve of how he is handling his job as president, while just under half said they disapprove.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:55 PM

It was a red night for statewide candidates in Indiana. In addition to Mike Braun’s U.S. Senate victory, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, state Auditor Tera Klutz and state Treasurer Kelly Mitchell all won re-election. The AP projected all those Republicans won their races comfortably.

Web Admin November 6, 201811:59 PM

Voters in the Clark-Pleasant School district have passed a referendum to raise $12 million over 8 years. They join other voters who approved tax hike referendums for IPS Schools and Noblesville Schools.

Web Admin November 7, 201812:01 AM

“Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans. It’s about restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration,” says Nancy Pelosi, shortly after projections that Democrats will take control of the U.S. House.

Web Admin November 7, 201812:06 AM

Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez is projected by the Associated Press to win Ohio’s 16th congressional district seat as a Republican.
In five seasons with the Colts, Gonzalez caught a total of 99 passes and gained 1,307 yards with seven touchdowns.

Web Admin November 7, 201812:27 AM

Anyone 21 and older living or visiting the state of Michigan will be able to buy, possess and use marijuana and/or marijuana-infused edibles under a measure approved by voters there. Michigan residents can also grow up to 12 plants in their home for personal use.

Web Admin November 7, 201812:30 AM

President Trump has called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her for winning the House, her chief of staff, Drew Hammill, tweeted.

Web Admin November 7, 201812:48 AM

Nationally, the 2018 midterm elections has brought a series of history-making votes….
– First Native American women elected to Congress
– First Muslim women elected to Congress
– First openly gay man elected governor

Web Admin November 7, 201812:53 AM

The so-called blue wave hit a red wall in Indiana when it came to congressional races. None of Indiana’s nine congressional seats switched parties; 7 remain in the hands of the GOP and 2 with the Dems.

Web Admin November 7, 20181:03 AM

Mike Braun’s Senate victory is being credited by the GOP analysts with helping Republicans expand their reach across Indiana and by reinforcing Republican control of the U.S. Senate.

Web Admin November 7, 20181:06 AM

Women candidates have broken the record for the number of first-time U.S. House members, with at least 28 winning their elections Tuesday as Democrats took control of the chamber. According to our partners at the Indy Star, the previous record of 24 was set during 1992.

Web Admin November 7, 20181:12 AM

Polls have now officially closed across the entire U.S. for the night, although the major networks have all previously projected a split night, with the Dems retaking the House – but the GOP retaining the Senate.

Web Admin November 7, 20181:17 AM

Beto O’Rouke sets record for most money raised by a U.S. Senate candidate who lost, ever, anywhere. And for Ted Cruz it was the smallest margin of victory for a Republican senator elected from Texas certainly in decades, maybe ever.

Web Admin November 7, 20181:27 AM

Historical factoid: Democrats seized control of the U.S. House by gaining about two dozen seats. But this was the first time since the nation started directly electing senators in 1914 that a party has won control of the House without gaining seats in the Senate.

Neal G. Moore November 7, 20182:45 AM
Neal G. Moore November 7, 20183:00 AM