St. Vincent addresses nursing shortage with recruiting event

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Calling all nurses or anyone interested in a nursing career, St. Vincent is addressing statewide nursing shortage.

They held a major recruiting event Wednesday evening on the north side in an effort to get more skilled loving hands on their team.

The calm touch you feel in some of your toughest times, or just a pleasant face you encounter when you have the flu. Nurses are a vital part of patient care, but turns out we could use a lot more in Indiana.

"We've had a lot of growing populations. With growing population comes the need for care," St. Vincent Director of Patient Care Services Tony Myers said.

Like much of the country the number of nurses doesn't match the population, or the growing amount of healthcare facilities.

"Urgent care centers and primary care offices and things like that. So just providing a lot of access to facilities. They all need nurses to help staff those areas," Myers said.

Another contributing factor to the shortage? The amount of nursing students compared to nurses retiring and the baby boomers who need more intense care.

That means nurses with a specialty are in high demand.

"25 years ago, many of our patients didn't bring the acute complex problems that they have far as a health diagnosis. In the inpatient setting today we see much more of the acute very ill multi diagnosis which drives the need," St. Vincent Director of Cardiovascular Services," Kris Cooper said.

But, don't worry if you don't currently have a specialty.

"And become specialized in the skill of transplant or trauma or orthopedics or many of the other neuro specialties that we have it's a great opportunity to do that because at st. Vincent we do have the proper processes in place to support giving you the knowledge and the skills and expertise to be successful caring for a special type population," Cooper said.

As for what they're looking for, start with your heart.

"So really focusing on the heart and the soul and really making them feel like a person and not someone who's just sick," Cooper said.

If you missed the hiring event, you can find the full list of openings here.

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