IN Focus: Braun calls for bipartisanship after defeating Sen. Donnelly

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INDIANAPOLIS – Republicans successfully flipped a key seat in the U.S. Senate, with Republican Mike Braun defeating Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in our state's hotly contested Senate race.

Donnelly was considered one of the most vulnerable seats in the country. And Braun’s campaign brought in the big guns, with President Donald Trump visiting the Hoosier State multiple times to support his candidacy.

Rallies in Southport and Fort Wayne in the days before the election drew large crowds. And while Donnelly campaigned vigorously, it wasn’t enough to keep his seat in a traditionally red state.

"What a journey this has been," Braun said in his victory speech.

"Just like any competition, you fight hard, you want to win," Braun said. "The one thing I'd like to see change in politics: it's gotten way too nasty on both sides."

Braun said both he and Donnelly's families had to carry "the weight" of the negative campaigning, which took a toll. He pledged to bring some common sense to Washington.

"We need to take to Washington what works in the real world. What works in Jasper, Indiana. What works in Warsaw, Indiana," Braun said. "What we're gonna do is get real people from the real world who can fix things in a dysfunctional system."

Donnelly conceded the race around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, saying he'd called Braun to congratulate him on the win. He offered to do anything he could to ensure a smooth transition.

"I just want to tell you how grateful I am to all of you for the unbelievable opportunity to serve the people of Indiana," Donnelly told supporters. "We had the chance to serve everyone across our state, with healthcare and so many good things, and the people of our state are so wonderful.
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