Veterans Day Parade brings the stories of the nation’s heroes to light

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- This weekend is the time to celebrate our Hoosier veterans, as well as all of men and women who serve around the country.  The annual Veterans Day parade is always a great time, with this year's Vet Fest.

The festivities brought countless vets to the War Memorial, including a handful of Marines.  The Corps is celebrating its 243rd anniversary this weekend. Retired Marines and other veterans  enjoyed the parade with loved ones and their families.  For those vets who are no longer with us, it gives their loved ones a chance to reflect.

“This is a picture of my dad, he was as staff sergeant in WWII,” said Kathey Sheek, holding a black and white picture of her father. Next to her was a bomber jacket draped over a wheel chair. “This is his jacket [from the war].  It’s just amazing. It's a family heirloom that will just continue to be passed around, and the stories told for future generations.”

Sheek said her father used to love coming to the parade.  After his Honor Flight in 2013, the family walked in the parade with him.

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