99-year-old World War II veteran honored during coin toss at Colts game

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Sidney Walton, a 99-year-old World War Two veteran, was front and center at the Colt`s game on Veterans Day. He was honored on the field during the coin flip to start the game.

Walton`s family is on a mission to get him to meet as many people as he can as more and more WWII Two veterans die every day.

“This is one of the most wonderful days of my life,” said his son, Paul Walton, who is travelling with him.

His family told us he was deployed to India during WWII when he served in the army. Walton says he signed up for the service for one reason: “I wanted to fight Hitler.”

His family says the one thing he regrets is missing the chance to meet some of the last surviving Civil War veterans when he was young.

“I still regret it, to this day,” said Walton.

So now he wants to make sure everyone has a chance to meet a WWII veteran before his generation is gone as well.

“Every day is like Veterans Day when it comes to meeting my dad,” said Paul.

Walton and his family met Governor Holcomb last May.

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