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Hamilton County crews working to keep roads safe

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Crews from Indianapolis to Hamilton County are working to prevent roads from getting slick and keeping their eye on potential snowfall overnight.

"Tonight we'll be watching the road temps but mainly if we do anything it will most likely just be pre-salting so the roundabouts tonight near school zones, near hills and intersections trying to keep people as safe as possible," said Nathan Pflugh, a street foreman with the City of Westfield.

The city plants to have six trucks out overnight. Fishers said it will have more than two dozen drivers out monitoring and salting. Carmel said it will have 20 salt trucks and 40 smaller trucks loaded with drivers on-call. DPW and INDOT each said it will have 70 drivers ready to go.

While crews prepare, though, drivers are also urged to take extra steps.

"The stopping distance in the snow is much greater, it's also really important to have an emergency kit in your car and one of the things we try to ask people to do is make sure they're prepared by having things like a shovel, a first aid kit, a wool blanket, flashlight, extra cell phone charger, snacks, water those sort of things," said Shane Booker, the executive director of Hamilton County Emergency Management.

Drivers are also reminded to leave time to scrape their windshield, leave early, driver slower, make sure they leave more distance and that they have plenty of gas.

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