Anderson woman pushing for crosswalk to honor friends struck by vehicles

ANDERSON, Ind. – There’s a one-woman crusade happening in Anderson, all to make the streets there safer.

After a string of pedestrians were struck and killed in the past month, Cynthia Young knew something had to change and decided she’d be the one to make it happen.

For the past week, she’s been collecting signatures of people supporting the installation of a crosswalk at the intersection of Cross St. and Scatterfield Rd. So far, Young said she has about 500 signatures.

“If I could get 5,000 signatures, that would be great,” said Young. “And someone has to do something about it, and I’m trying to be the voice for those who can’t do it.”

On November 2, Young said her friend Nancy Shaw was hit and killed while trying to cross Scatterfield Rd. Shaw’s daughter, Melissa, was also hit. Young says she is still in the hospital.

“It hurt and I cried for two days,” said Young.

Since September, seven pedestrians around the Anderson area have been involved in accidents with vehicles, leaving three dead.

Young says busy Scatterfield Rd., also known as Indiana State Road 9, is one of the worst. Young is hoping her efforts are enough to spur local or state officials to put a crosswalk at that intersection.

“It’s dangerous crossing that road,” said Young. “I almost got hit trying to cross that road last month.”

She says she has plans to give her lists of signatures to the Anderson City Council.

“It’s just that God put this on my heart to be the voice for those that can’t speak,” said Young.

She plans to meet with local leaders to get this crosswalk put in, adding that if she has to she’ll go all the way to the state level.

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