From ‘JK Wedding Entrance Dance’ to ‘Charlie the Unicorn’: What’s Indiana’s favorite viral video?

An entertaining viral video can turn a bad day into a great one, rescuing you from the doldrums of an otherwise forgettable afternoon.

But which do Hoosiers like the most?

According to the analysts at GetCenturyLink, Indiana’s most-watched viral video is the amusing “Charlie Bit My Finger.” The video, which has more than 864 million views all-time, features a little boy whose even younger brother views his finger as a snack.

“Ouch. Ouch! Ouch, Charlie! Ouch! Charlie, that really hurt!” the boy says as his baby brother laughs. “Charlie bit me. And that really hurt, Charlie.”

How did they get the results? The data analyst team ranked nearly 100 of the most popular iconic viral videos on YouTube and narrowed it down to the 15 most watched videos of all time. Analysts then looked at the YouTube search volume by state to determine each state’s favorite viral hit.

Hoosiers aren’t alone in their amusement from “Charlie Bit My Finger”; the viral hit was also the favorite in Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina and Texas.

People in 11 states loved the “Wedding Entrance Dance,” which was later parodied on The Office. That was the top video in Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The “Linda Honey” video is pretty unforgettable! People in Arizona, California, Florida, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma considered this classic their favorite.

Whether you know it as “Candy Mountain” or “Charlie the Unicorn,” you can’t deny the impact of this bizarre animated viral hit, which is the favorite in Alaska, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming.

The next one has been mixed and re-mixed several times over. Police were searching for a man who broke into an Alabama home; a local TV station interviewed Antoine Dodson, who delivered an unforgettable news interview. Thus, “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife” was born.

This one’s the favorite in Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Washington state.

Rebecca Black exploded onto the national stage in 2011 with her music video for “Friday.” The earworm spread like wildfire that year and was shared on multiple websites and online forums. It’s also known for getting a large amount of downvotes (3.3 million as of this writing).

“Friday” is the favorite in Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho and Kentucky.

We certainly learned a lot more about the honey badger thanks to this next video, which is the favorite in Colorado, Minnesota and Oregon.

“The Evolution of Dance” has racked up more than 300 million views since it first debuted online. It’s the favorite in Mississippi and New Hampshire.

“Chocolate Rain” is another one of those things that only the internet could do. The video’s been viewed more than 119 million times and is the favorite in Rhode Island and Vermont.

The videos above are all considered favorites in multiple states. The following viral videos are favorites on one state only.

Missouri: “Daft Hands”

South Dakota: “David after Dentist”

Delaware: “Miss Teen Question”

Utah: “Potter Puppet Pals”

District of Columbia: “Ultimate Dog Tease”

Virginia: “Zombie Kid Likes Turtles”

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