Safety officials stress ‘winter preparedness’ ahead of weather advisory

INDIANAPOLIS, IN –As Central Indiana embraces a winter weather advisory officials with agencies like INDOT, DPW and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security say they want Hoosiers to be “winter prepared.”

Both INDOT and DPW will have 70 trucks each on the roadways overnight and throughout the morning in an effort to keep them clear.

Officials for each agency recommend Hoosier drivers leave their homes earlier, driver slower, and increase follow distance during their commute.

“Give yourself a little extra time, plan to give yourself a little extra time, and keep in mind that when you see a salt truck or a snow plow on the road, give it some space,” INDOT spokesperson Scott Manning said.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says Hoosiers should also be prepared for scenarios that involve pulling off the roads, such as accidents, break downs, or slide-offs.

“Things that you normally wouldn’t have in summer time that you may need to get out of a cold situation are important to pack in your car,” communications director David Hossick said.

Hossick  said that having supplies like blankets, extra clothing, portable phone charges, flashlights, and sand/ kitty litter should your tires get stuck in the ice or snow, can be invaluable in case of an emergency.

He added that the same theory applies for inside your home.

“Do you have extra blankets to keep yourself warm, do you have alternative ways to get in contact with people?” he said

Hossick said space heaters can also come in handy, but only if they’re used properly.

“Make sure they’re not anywhere near a flammable source, turn them off before you go to bed and only use them when absolutely necessary,” he said.

For more tips on winter preparedness, you can click here. 

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