IN Focus: One-on-one with former Gov. Mitch Daniels

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Mitch Daniels says he has no interest in returning to politics, but he does have some thoughts on our current political climate.

The former Indiana governor and current president of Purdue University says the midterms left him longing for more positivity in the world of politics.

"I think I we always have to be hopeful about the future. But I think the recent past was a little discouraging," said Daniels. "The tenor, the harshness, the negativity of the last campaign on all sides, I didn't think was too becoming of a healthy democracy, and it certainly didn't do much to point us toward a better future, which good campaigns can do."

The former Republican governor has recently described himself as 'homeless' in his own party, and has at times been a critic of President Donald Trump's style and tone.

Daniels told us he's hopeful people will demand more from both parties in the future.

"There's a lot of evidence the pollsters now call the 'exhausted majority' is a little tired of this and maybe they'll start to send a message that says 'hey, bring us something a little more constructive, a little more uplifting next time we all go to the polls,'" said Daniels, who decided not to run for President in 2012.


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