Take a look at this: Dispatcher answers call for fire at his home

Check out these viral stories in today's "Take a look at this!"

A Nebraska dispatcher had to handle an emergency call for a house fire at his own home.

When the location first came in, Bill Weise knew it was on his street, but only after the location was corrected, did the Douglas County dispatcher realize the fire was at his home.

Weise says he handled it like any other call, dispatching crews to the scene, but then called his fiance and daughters who, thankfully, were not at home.

Investigators say the cause was an electrical fire, sparked near a wall-mounted television.

Although the fire claimed the family's pet, Weise says he's thankful his loved ones are safe.

"I feel grateful that none of my family got hurt," he said. "I don't think I could have taken that."

Newly released video from Illinois shows an SUV crashing into an Arlington Heights police building that's still under construction.

Police say the driver was traveling at over 100 mph when he lost control.

No one was inside and police say the driver was treated and released.

They say the man was under the influence of drugs and is now facing multiple charges.

And a psychedelic jellyfish was discovered by crew members of Noaa's Okeanos Explorer Vessel. 

The Crossota millsae was spotted off Puerto Rico, hovering above the seafloor with its stinging tentacles extended and waiting for prey.

The crew suggested that the unique pose allows for "360 degree feeding."

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