Could Botox be used as a treatment for depression?

The FDA approved Botox for treating chronic headaches years ago, but will the cosmetic procedure soon be used as a treatment for depression as well?

Dr. Mark Hamilton, a nationally recognized plastic surgeon, believes it should be.

A study from scientific journal Dermatologic Surgery shows Botox helps as many as a third of its patients with depression. Hamilton is encouraged by the studies and the impact Botox could have on the nearly 25% of the population suffering from seasonal depression and the 20% diagnosed with clinical depression.

So how does it work?

Our mood can be affected by our muscle use. Those who frown more, perhaps because of tired muscles, signal their brain to feel sad more often. But when Botox is applied, and you have more neutral or smiling facial expressions, the part of the brain that is involved with experiencing emotion is less sensitive to negative stimuli and you feel happy more often.

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