Police arrest Greenwood man for mother’s murder

GREENWOOD, Ind. – A Greenwood man was arrested for allegedly killing his mother. John Hatton Jr. is charged with murder after detectives found the 70-year-old woman dead in her own home.

According to court documents, a family member called Greenwood police and told them Hatton Jr. just admitted over the phone that he killed his mother. When investigators showed up, they reportedly noticed signs of a struggle; several shattered mirrors, a kitchen in disarray and trails of blood.  Authorities say Carla Hatton was found strangled to death on the second floor.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Hatton Jr. told investigators he had a good relationship with his mother, and there wasn’t a history of violence. He allegedly told detectives:: “The voices made me do it. If I did not do it, others would do it, and it would be worse…they gave me no choice.”

Hatton Jr. is charged with murder and is being held without bond.