Franklin police searching for jewelry thief

FRANKLIN, Ind. – A thief in Franklin allegedly stole jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

Franklin police are investigating a theft case that happened a couple weeks ago at home near the corner of King and Middleton Rd.

The homeowner told detectives someone broke into her home while she was at work. The thief reportedly went into her bedroom and went straight for her jewelry.  She says nearly a dozen items are now gone. Some pieces are priceless.

“Some of these things you just can’t put a value on about how much it is worth, monetarily. You have the memories, you have things that mean a lot to you and when you lose those things it’s something you just can’t get back,” said Ray Tice, detective with the Franklin Police Department.

The victim told investigators her and her aunt’s class rings are now gone. Both are from Greenfield Central.

She had pictures of some of the stolen items, which police say that’s something they don’t often have as evidence.

“(It’s) very important in cases like this for the very valuable things. It is important to keep track of what you have. Pictures, keeping serial numbers down, anything that can help in case something like this happens,” said Detective Tice.

The burglary reportedly happened in the middle of the day, while the homeowner was at work. With the holidays approaching, police are reminding everyone that this is a prime time for thieves to strike.

“That’s the house they’re going for, the house that they know people aren’t at,” said Detective Tice.

If you know anything, call Franklin police at 317-346-1100.

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