Renewed blast of cold arrives tonight, coldest of the season follows


After evening snow showers diminished, the temperatures kept dropping crating slick overpasses and bridges for the Monday evening commute.  The temperatures have lowered below the freezing mark after 1 pm and while main roads are wet, the circulating air around and overpass and bridge allows those temperatures to fall more quickly.  There were numerous slid-offs reported by DPW to the newsroom during our 5 pm broadcasts


Cold winds blowing across a large snowfield to our northwest. Nearly 30% of the CONUS is snow-covered Monday morning.

The PEAK WIND GUST of 44 mph in Indianapolis early this morning.   Northwest winds still are still gusting just before 4:30 pm Monday.

Snow showers will diminish early Monday evening as colder and drier air is imported back into the state.

Overnight the forecast of 18-degrees early Tuesday morning will be the coldest of the season.  Coupled with a brisk wind, there will be a real sting.  Some locations could have a wind chill reach the single digits.


Rain and snow-free for the balance of the work week but light rain and flurries are possible late Thursday with showers possible Friday morning.  We are eyeing a weekend storm system that looks to place central Indiana on the warm side again.  A windy and warmer weekend at this distance with temperatures surging again to nearly 60-degrees.  More in the days ahead.  Stay tuned!


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