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Take a look at this: Band learns rival’s fight song after bus accident

Check out these viral stories in today's "Take a look at this!"

After a bus crash kept a college band from playing at a football game, the other team's band decided to learn and play their rival's fight song.

The gesture came after a bus carrying the University of Washington Husky Band crashed. There were no life-threatening injuries, but the band wasn't able to perform.

That's when the Washington State Cougar Marching Band quickly learned the Husky fight song. They performed it during the pregame activities.

When they learned of the gracious gesture, the Husky band tweeted their gratitude.

"Thank you Cougar Band!"

A bear was rescued after being trapped for a whole day at a hydro power station in Southwest China. 

With the water as deep as 26 feet, the bear was at the risk of drowning.

Rescuers used anesthesia as part of the operation and lowered a rope on the bear. After five hours, the nearly 450-pound bear was finally lifted out and safely relocated.

A time lapse was captured from the International Space Station showing a Russian rocket soaring into space.

The video shows the MS-10 cargo spacecraft as it breaks the atmosphere. The separated booster flashes brilliantly as it burns up on re-entry.

Two days after launch, the Progress delivered food, fuel and supplies to the ISS.

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