‘Good Samaritan’ calls police after finding large pile of cash in Fishers parking lot

FISHERS, Ind. — Fishers police are calling a man a “good Samaritan” after he called them when he found a pile of cash in a grocery store parking lot.

Kevin Ogawa says he found the cash on December 1 in the Kroger parking lot at 116th Street and Cumberland Road. Ogawa says he took the cash inside the store hoping to find the owner.

When he didn’t find anyone searching for their missing cash, he called police immediately.  Ogawa says it was just the right thing to do.

“It could have been anybody’s Christmas money, shopping money, whatever else it might have been for. It’s somebody’s money who needs it as much as I do,” said Ogawa.

Fishers police say the recovered cash has what they’re calling “unique characteristics.”  They won’t tell us what those characteristics are because they want to make sure when people call in, they are able to find the right owner.

Contact authorities if you believe this is your money.

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