Shooter fires several gunshots at homes in Anderson

ANDERSON, Ind. – Several homeowners woke up to find bullet holes in their homes. Around 11 p.m. Sunday night, someone started shooting at homes along 12th St.

“It’s terrifying, absolutely terrifying,” said neighbor Morgan Everitt.

Everirtt, her husband, and 8-month-old baby hit the ground in their own home to take cover. One of the gunshots hit directly underneath their baby’s bedroom window.

“There’s lives in danger, it’s not a game,” said Everitt.

Police reportedly found more than 20 shell casing at four homes.

“I even told the police, there were no pauses between the shots, it was just that kind of gunfire,” said Sandra Burton.

Sandra Burton found two shots in the siding of her home.

“We us don’t normally have this sort of thing happen, so I think all of us were kind of taken aback by that,” said Burton.

Burton remembers hearing a car take off but it was gone before she could get a good look at it.

“I don’t know if they were all out on a good evening, thinking they were having a fun time, but this isn’t funny. There’s nothing funny about this, babies could’ve gotten hurt, dogs, people could’ve got hurt. It could’ve been a lot worse," said Burton.

Investigators aren’t sure how many shooters were involved and they’re still trying to figure out if the shooting was random or if these homes were targeted for some reason.

Officials believe the suspects responsible may be involved in other criminal activity in the area, possibly even similar shootings. Neighbors who call this place home are done with this violence.

“They need to be stopped before they do this to somebody else’s neighborhood, there’s no call for this. They need to be stopped,” Burton said.

Thankfully no one was hurt. Police are following up on promising leads.

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