Take a look at this: 500-year-old skeleton found with boots on!

Check out these viral stories in today's "Take a look at this!"

An archaeology company in England recently shared images of a 500-year-old male skeleton that was discovered still wearing a pair of knee-high leather boots.

The team found the remains along London's River Thames.

Researches say the leather was very expensive at the time of the man's death, which means he wouldn't likely have been buried wearing his boots.

They believe that indicates his death may have been premature.

In Pennsylvania, 34,798 stuffed animals were tossed onto the ice at a Hersey Bears hockey game. 

It was part of the "Teddy Bear Toss", an annual holiday charity event.

The plethora of plush pledges beat the world record set in Calgary in 2015.

The stuffed animals will be donated to about 40 area charities.

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