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Indy Unsolved: Father wounded in shooting teams up with IMPD to find son’s killer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - When Jaylan Murray was just 13-years-old he moved to Indianapolis to live with his father on the city’s northeast side.

Marcus Murray was at a club in the 3400 block of Massachusetts Avenue in 2012 when he stepped outside for hot dog from a vendor and someone took aim at the man behind him but shot the Air Force veteran instead.

The bullet wound confined Murray to a wheelchair and severally impacted his son.

“That was where some things started making him think different because here I’ve always been in his life and now both of our lives have changed,” said Murray. “I would think that just being a teenager and full of energy I would say that you think you’re invincible that sometimes what happens to others isn’t going to happen to you.”

IMPD Detective Harry Dunn was the investigator on Murray’s case, and while an arrest was never made, Murray stayed in touched with him.

That connection proved useful on February 3, 2016, when Jaylan Murray was found shot to death in the front seat of a car at the Park Forest Apartments near 46th Street and Arlington Avenue and Detective Dunn was assigned to the case.

“He had a past of being involved with some of the wrong people,” said Dunn. “It seems that Jaylan gained proceeds from a CVS pharmacy robbery. The individuals that were involved in that robbery wanted to rob Jaylan.”

Jaylan thought he was buying a gun but was double-crossed.

“From there I began learning some of the stuff that pertained around to his death. I never knew he was on Crimestoppers. I didn’t know that he was involved in anything,” said Murray. “Apparently he was involved in some pharmacy robberies and the picture I saw he was with another individual at a pharmacy and there was a camera shot of him.”

Murray knew before the murder that his son was running with a rough crowd and asked Detective Dunn to talk to him.

“I was just trying to get him to stay on the right track. I know that he was frustrated with working at White Castle because it wasn’t enough money to take care of what he wanted for himself and his newborn child and you know sometimes you get those urges where a quick idea is the best idea and that’s usually when you don’t think it fully through,” said Murray.

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