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Bolt for the Heart puts lifesaving tool in every ISP vehicle: ‘Having it gives people a second chance’

CARMEL, Ind. - Being in the right place, at the right time.  Indiana State Police are recalling a scary situation that happened this weekend in northern Indiana.

A lifesaving tool came into play that all state police are now equipped with.

That tool saved six lives in Indiana this year.  Although the incident happened more than 2 hours away from central Indiana, an organization in Carmel is the reason a woman now has a second chance at life.

A small machine, that could mean life or death.  It was an AED, also known as an automated external defibrillator, that resuscitated a woman in Hammond. She was pinned between a SUV and a toll booth.

“He had the tools necessary to begin that lifesaving effort and that’s what key,” said Sergeant John Perrine with Indiana State Police.

That key, is what Arron Stanton says, Bolt for the Heart is focused on.

“Actually, brought someone back to life or saved someone’s life and gave them a second chance, it’s kind of incredible, it hits close to home,” said Stanton.

Four years ago, Bolt for the Heart made a goal of purchasing 550 AED’s for Indiana State Police.

At a price tag of $1,300 each, it took a lot of work and community help. That goal, became a reality this year at their annual Thanksgiving Day race.

“We were able to hit that goal of 134 AED’s and equipped the State Police 100 percent,” Stanton added.

According to Stanton, Indiana State Police are now the first in the country for every vehicle to have an AED.

“We know we’re not able to save 100 percent of the people that we use these on, but I do know we give them a chance,” said Sergeant Perrine.

More AED’s, means more officers that can save lives.

“Having it gives people a chance,” said Sergeant Perrine.

Although Indiana State Police are now fully equipped with AED’s, that doesn’t mean Bolt for the Heart is stopping their efforts. They’re now shifting their focus to other departments across the state.

Click here if you would like to learn more about Bolt for the Heart’s efforts.

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