Ellettsville tenants forced to move out around Christmas

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. – Tenants at Village Inn apartments in Ellettsville got an eviction notice just weeks before Christmas and they want to know why.

More than a dozen people, including children, need to be out by the end of the month.

There’s a big ‘For Sale’ sign on the property. It is for the restaurant and the apartment complex. The lease holder said the owners want everyone out so they can sell it unencumbered.

However, some families were not planning to make this moving expense. Angela Baird, her husband and three children live on a fixed income. They pay week to week so she said they can not afford to move so soon.

“It’s terrifying. It’s scary. It’s right around Christmas and we have no idea what we are going to do,” said Baird.

She claimed the lease holder told her husband about the eviction in a text message and it was sent on December 1. The lease holder said he found out about the owners’ decision to sell at the end of November.

“Let’s just say Christmas is not looking very bright this year due to us having to put every bit of money we have into moving,” she said.

Since they do not have any written documentation, her husband said it is making it harder for them to get help from local agencies. The lease holder said he will not be collecting rent this month and he will give tenants written documentation if they need it.

“How are we going to find a place? There are not a lot of places available that are at the same price range here,” said Howard Baird, Angela’s husband.

An Indianapolis attorney familiar with tenants’ rights said the law requires landlords to give notice equal to the term of the agreement so since these tenants pay week to week, the landlord only has to give a week notice.

These parents wished the decision was not made right before the holiday.

“You think they would have the heart to at least let us know so we can find help,” said Baird.

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