Police investigating string of tires slashed in Martinsville

MARTINSVILLE, Ind.— During a time that’s supposed to be filled with holiday cheer, someone is making the holidays tougher for some already in need.

Martinsville police are searching who’s behind at least 13 vehicles found with slashed tires Tuesday. Investigators said they were discovered within a three block radius.

Some of the vehicles were found in a parking lot outside residences for families who have experienced homelessness and residences for low income seniors.

“I’m tired of it. We all live on social security here and we cannot afford to buy tires every week,” Pam Fisher said.

Fisher said she found a tire that she recently had replaced after prior vandalism slashed again.

“The timing of this is especially malicious given the fact it’s Christmas and the fact who it happened to, low income seniors and homeless families trying to get their lives back on track,” Bob Goodrum, the executive director of the WellSpring Center, said.

The damage extended beyond the parking lot, though.

A couple blocks away, Chelse Harrington said she discovered a tire slit on her new vehicle.

“I just spent a lot of money on Christmas and now I have to spend $170 for a new tire, it’s not right,” Harrington said. “Why would somebody do this?”

Police said they don’t believe the act was against any specific person.

“You just kind of wonder what kind of person would just walk around and do that, so it just makes you kind of upset,” Martinsville Police Sgt. Jeremy Sipes said.

Police said they’ll try to find any surveillance images and tips from the community.

In the meantime, families are left patching their tires and figuring out what to do next.

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