Indianapolis Zoo welcomes young new giraffe

Kita the giraffe (Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Zoo)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A young new giraffe has arrived at the Indianapolis Zoo.

The zoo announced Wednesday that guests can meet the new addition, named Kita, this coming spring and zookeepers are hopeful she will participate in public feeds.

Zoo officials say Kita arrived in October and she’s privately becoming acquainted with their three other giraffes: Majani, Takasa and AJ.

Zookeepers say the newcomer is very curious with a relaxed personality. She warmed up to keepers right away and has been hand-feeding from them while she and the other giraffes are spending the winter in a private, temperature-controlled facility.

Though Kita already stands more than 10 feet tall, the zoo says she’s still noticeably smaller and lighter in color than the facility’s other giraffes. On average, female giraffes can grow to around 15 feet tall while males can reach 18 feet or more.

Kita was born at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in August 2017, but she has past connections to the Circle City. Her father, Ezeji, was born at the Indianapolis Zoo in 2009, one of the many offspring of the Zoo’s long-time breeding pair Eddie and Elena.

The zoo hopes the new addition will contribute to their breeding program, which is intended to protect the iconic species from extinction.

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