A vending machine for cars? Carvana offers unique 7-story building in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When you think of vending machines, you probably conjure up images of an afternoon snack.

You don’t think about a seven-story building where you can buy a car.

That’s right, Indiana’s first Carvana vending machine opened Thursday morning at 8130 Summit Hill Drive near I-69 and 82nd Street on the north side.

Carvana, which lives by the motto “because car buying shouldn’t suck,” is a primarily online endeavor. You can buy, sell and finance vehicles. The website boasts more than 14,000 used cars organized into different categories like “commuter’s dream,” “family sized,” “just like new” and “budget friendly.”

After deciding to buy a vehicle, customers can have it delivered to their home—or choose to pick it up from the vending machine. They’ll even get a coin to put into a slot to retrieve the vehicle.

Carvana has been in Indianapolis since 2016, but the vending machine is a brand-new feature for the Indy area. It’s the company’s 15th such vending machine; other cities with that option include Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Houston and Philadelphia, among others.

Indy’s vending machine is seven stories tall and can display 26 vehicles. The company says offering vehicles online cuts out the middleman and eliminates the overhead that comes with having dealerships.

Carvana says its cars have passed a 150-point inspected and have never been in a reported accident. It keeps information about imperfections and any recalls on a vehicle’s description page.

The company also offers customers a seven-day return policy. Customers can keep their car for seven days to make sure they like it. If they don’t, they can return it. The company said it will accept a return during that seven days “for any reason.”

You can learn more about the company at its website.

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