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With new surveillance photos, witness may hold key to KFC killing

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – May 19th was a Saturday and Quiana Lashawn Toussaint was trying to watch a new employee orientation video in the back room of the KFC, in the 7100 block of N. Michigan Rd., but two other employees were raising such a ruckus the 20-year-old couldn’t hear what she was supposed to be learning.

“I can tell you the decedent left the location just to go out to her car because she was licensed to carry a firearm. She thought she could take it upon herself to defend herself after the altercation had ended,” said IMPD Det. Harry Dunn.

“She came back into that location and she was brandishing a firearm in her hand and she placed it on her person right around her waist area and then picked up a chair and the two girls took the chair away from her and they began to assault her at that time.

“She did not have the firearm in her hand any longer and they both got the best of her for the second time.”

It was then that a customer, a young man in a t-shirt and khakis, his ball cap turned around backwards on his head, intervened and escorted Toussaint out to the glass vestibule entryway.

“The customer had actually calmed so much that he began to text message on his own phone not even paying the decedent any attention as she was standing there,” said Dunn.

The young man blocked the door into the vestibule, stopping the sisters from pursuing Toussaint to continue the fight.

By this point, IMPD was on the way. So was the father of the two employees.

While viewing never-before-released photographs from a surveillance camera, Dunn described what happened seconds later in the vestibule.

“All of a sudden you see that same customer look to the left towards the entrance door and all within the same second an individual stuck his arm inside the vestibule and shot the decedent.

“The victim is standing there and what’s difficult from the angle and the pixelation of the video is to see if the gun is in her hand or not.”

Immediately after the shooting, the father, the gun still in his hand, and his daughters stood in the vestibule looking down at Toussaint’s body.

The witness hung around in the parking lot for eight minutes after IMPD arrived, but left before telling investigators he saw it all.

Det. Dunn wants to talk to him.

“What was observed by the witness? For example, was the gun put on a waistband at the time she was being shot? Was she saying anything? Was anything said right before she was shot?”

Not only has the witness disappeared, so has the father’s gun.

“I don’t have anything to disprove what that individual said to me that pulled the trigger,” said Dunn.

The detective said the witness is not in trouble and may have actually saved lives that day. He may even live in the northwest neighborhood not far from the scene of the killing.

If you know who the man at the KFC is, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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