Holiday baseball camp

Players are made in the off season! If you have a kid who loves baseball there are four different upcoming camps over Christmas break to learn from a professional father and son pro duo. Former MLB pitcher Bill Sampen joins us along with his son Caleb who was recently drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. Samp’s Hack Shack will be hosting 4 different camp options at BOTH of their facilities this Christmas Break. Samp’s will employ their professional staff featuring former MLB and MILB players, current MILB players, former D1 players, and current MLB scouts! Come have some fun and learn from from some current and former players! All camps are Dec. 28th and 29th and are $50 for BOTH DAYS!

Below is the camp schedule:

Hitting camp (9-13yrs): 10am - 11am
All skills camp (6-8yrs): 10am - 11am
Pitching camp (9-13yrs): 11am - noon
Catching camp (9-13yrs): 11am - noon

Hitting camp (9-13yrs): 1pm - 2pm
All skills camp (6-8yrs): 1pm - 2pm
Pitching camp (9-13yrs): 2pm - 3pm
Catching camp (9-13yrs): 2pm - 3pm

If you would like more information on the camps click the link below.

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