Thief caught on camera stealing Christmas decoration from front yard

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Grinch was caught on camera stealing a Christmas decoration.

Wednesday morning, Beverly Tetrick woke up to find that her light up tree in her front yard was gone.

“I was mad. I was literally ready to cry,” said Tetrick.

The surveillance video shows someone walking straight up to the decoration, unplugging it and then walking with it down the sidewalk along English Ave. Tetrick didn’t even need to see the video as proof, she already knew what happened.

“It just really frustrated me that people would just go that low. If you want one, go buy one..that’s what I did,” said Tetrick.

“People come up in my yard and just help themselves to whatever they want,” she went on to say.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this grandmother of ten has seen a Grinch this season.

She shared more footage with FOX59, from before Thanksgiving. Tetrick says that night a thief took off with her light projector and her 8-foot inflatable snowman from her southeast side home.

“What’s next? They just come in and break in my house? I come home and find everything gone? It’s ridiculous. I’m just tired of it,” said Tetrick.

Tetrick is so fed up, she’s taken down all her outside decorations.

“I’m not decorating no more. I’m not doing it. I’m tired of being ripped off,” said Tetrick.

This grandmother refuses to let these thieves ruin her Christmas. She even wants them to know they can keep what they stole and she’s even considering giving them another gift.

“Should I set the boxes out there, so they have them to put them back in? Because I seriously thought about it, put them out there, let them go ahead and have the boxes to go along with it so that way they can store them,” said Tetrick.

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