Buying or fixing Apple products without a trip to the mall

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - If you're driving down 82nd, near I-69 and Castleton, there's a good chance, you've never even seen a specific store that fixes and sells Mac products.

It's tucked back in a strip mall, across the street from O'Reilly Auto Parts. It's the Mac Experience, where they sell or fix everything Apple.

We found a customer who needed help with his Mac.

“I have been trying to start up my MacBook, but it won't re-download the operating system. It basically does nothing," said Nathan Davis, Mac Experience customer.

It's a common problem for customers. We'll let you know how it panned out for Nathan later.

If you own or like Mac products, Mac Experience may be a good option for you to save time and money.

"People don't always know about us. They find out about us on-line through Apple's scheduling system and they send people here," said Ashley Read with Mac Experience.

Apple sends them clients because they are Apple certified. They do battery replacement, same-day screen repair for cracked phone glass and anything you'd need from the Apple store. Maybe the biggest plus has to do with convenience.

"There are virtually no wait times here; we can see you right away. The Apple store is often crowded. Sometimes you can't get an appointment the same day, but that's not the case here and our customers like that," said technician Chris Alley.

Time is one factor, and so is simple piece of mind. Some people would rather avoid the mall or busy places, especially if they can get a one-on-one experience.

"Sometimes it's stressful in the Apple store because everybody is lined up, looking at their products and you want it," said Jenna Knutson, an Apple customer.

The technicians at Mac Experience use genuine Apple parts backed by Apple. To stretch your dollar, they repair as much as they sell, if not more.

"If your computer is seeing a little bit of age, you can bring it in and we can run a free diagnostic on the counter. Then we will make recommendations based on the model of computer that you have and the age of the computer," said Alley.

I brought my Mac desktop to Mac Experience about five years ago. It was slowing down, often with that "spinning beach-ball icon" where nothing happens. They checked it out and gave me a new hard-drive with four times the memory and the latest software and reformatted. The price was a few hundred dollars. That was compared to spending closer to $2,000 for a new computer, and it's still working today.

"We are Apple certified. We have a good relationship with Apple that allows us to do that. We get all our all of our service parts from Apple and we also have Apple certified and trained technicians that can work on your Mac, your iPhone or your iPad," said Alley.

"We'll take their machines and run complete diagnostics on them, evaluating them. If we think they can be sold, then we will offer them up for sale for people who are looking for a cheaper solution than just buying brand new out of the box," said Read.

Whatever you buy, or have, the people at Mac Experience say they also have help sessions to help get the most out of your device.

"Today's devices can be a little bit intimidating at times. We offer classes where people can come in and learn anything related to Apple, or the use of a Mac or iPhone, or iPad," said Bill Brown, Asst. Manager Mac Experience.

They have individual or group sessions for $59.99 an hour. The price drops if you buy more than one sessions. It's something that is more and more popular with all ages.

Now let's get back to Nathan and the MacBook he brought in because it wasn't working. It's all good now. The technician had to reformat and reinstall the operating system, and it is back in working condition in short time.

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