Holy cow, literally! Cows assemble to form cross in field

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Photo courtesy of Gene Hanson

EDGELEY, ND – It’s hard to think of a time when the phrase “Holy cow!” is more appropriate.

Gene Hanson is a retired farmer in a small community in North Dakota. Using his plane and drone to capture photos and videos of the fields near his home is one of his hobbies.

In fact, he’s received national attention for his “cornfield art.”

He created the Prince symbol in his field after the singer’s death, and he’s also written political messages, like “GOP GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.”

Earlier this week when Hanson’s neighbor was feeding about 150 of his cows on Richard Mooch Ranch, he did it in a way so the cows would gather to form a cross. He told Hanson about it, and he used his drone to take a picture of them.

Hanson says the picture is a sign Christmas is close.

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