Possible changes coming to Westfield’s newly minted, six-figure sign

WESTFIELD, Ind. — Westfield is fresh off unveiling their new, glitzy town sign along Highway 31, however the pillar may already be heading for a change.

Their neighbors to the south, Carmel, have heard grumblings from drivers and homeowners who say it's adding confusion to the already blurry city line between Westfield and Carmel.  The $300,000 pillared sign sits right near the border, and bears "Westfield" on both the north and southbound sides of the sign.

“I just think if you're entering Carmel, it should say," said Andrea Beale who works in that area. "If you're entering [Westfield] than you should know you are entering Westfield.”

Westfield Mayor Andy Cook said the city looped in Carmel during the process of getting the sign, as well as getting approval from the Indiana Department of Transportation and Hamilton County.  A spokeswoman for Carmel said the city knew of the sign, but had no indication the name would appear on both sides.

The two mayors exchanged emails last week and came to a conclusion.

“He said how about we put Carmel on the north side of your sign," Mayor Cook said of his conversation with Mayor Brainard. "I said fine, he said I'll pay for it.”

“It's nice to kind of have the clarification," said Lacey Faubion, a co-worker of Beale's.

The area where Highway 31 meets 146th Street can become confusing because of the way the postal service has divided the zip codes.  It can create issues for commuters, as well as problems with taxation distribution to Carmel and Westfield.

"There has been, because the Carmel zip code goes into southern Westfield, like the Indianapolis zip code goes into Carmel," Mayor Cook said.

In addition to the sign change, Carmel is also working to put signage on one side of the Hamilton County Bridge. The other side currently bears a Westfield sign promoting Grand Park.

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