Thief speeds off with Indianapolis contractor’s livelihood

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A bold thief made off with a local contractor’s truck and a set of expensive tools. The crook struck Tuesday morning, right outside his Franklin Township home.

Jason Meek and his son were about to head to school when they his noticed the white work truck was gone. Inside the truck was an estimated $10,000 to $12,000 worth of tools.

“Found out from a neighbor that he left at five in the morning that morning," Meek said. "He was sure it was there so sometime between five and seven o'clock is when it was taken.”

Without the tools, it will be difficult for Meek to make a living. He said some of his friends in the business have reached out to help, but he is hoping someone is able to spot the vehicle.

“We got a really good deal on the truck. We bought it this summer," Meek said. “First of the year, I mean, I got jobs lined up, so I'm just going to have to figure it out.”

Meek said his son went to the car first before he did. Police told Meek he's lucky his son didn't walk outside during the theft.

“You don’t want to play that game either because then you really start thinking about all the bad things," Meek said.

At the moment, Meek is off work following foot surgery, but will need those tools for his first job. If you believe you have seen this truck, you’re asked to call the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department as soon as possible.

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