Monticello community searching for hope after 2 people killed in a vehicle crash

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MONTICELLO, Ind. – Friends and family members of Anahi Garcia and Faith Dold are still trying to wrap their heads around why they died in a three-vehicle crash on Friday.

For many of their Twin Lakes High School classmates, this is this first time they’ve dealt with death. Monticello United Methodist Church is hoping to help students through the grieving process.

Monticello youth pastors are doing what they can to guide the teens through the sorrow. "Kids have a little bit of a different way of grieving than adults do. I think they do it more in waves," social worker Liz Little says.

"All the kids, they need time together to kind of lean on each other, and it being Christmas break there’s not a whole lot of opportunity for that," Twin Lakes High School parent Kimberly Garbison said.

The church offered the chance to turn to scripture for strength and courage. Also students were given a chance to tangibly work through their grief  by using Post-it notes to write about their fondest memories with the girls.

"If we could answer the question 'Why?' It would be easier to deal with these tragedies, but I don’t believe on this side of eternity we will ever be able to answer that question," Monticello Untied Methodist Church Senior Pastor Brian Beeks said.

The teenage girls were also honored through music and a candlelight vigil. “Both of the girls were involved in church. Both of them had a faith journey. They had that hope. We are encouraged they have gone on to heaven and hopefully we will be able to join with them," Beeks said.

The next few months will be tough, but holding on to hope and to one another will make it less painful along the way.

“There will be a light; when it happens it will be there, and the community will be there with them to make that happen," Twin Lakes High School parent Jim Garbison said.

When students return back to school after the holidays, there will be counselors available to them.

Funeral services for the two girls will happen after Christmas.

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