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Take a look at this: Teen sailor’s yacht found 8 years after rescue

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A vessel made famous for a teen’s attempt to sail around the world has been found — eight years after her rescue.

The yacht, named “Wild Eyes,” was found floating near Kangaroo Island, off Australia’s coast.

The 40-foot vessel was abandoned in 2010 by American sailor Abby Sunderland, who at the age of 16, was attempting a record-breaking voyage around the world.

She was forced to abandon the trip when rough seas rolled the vessel.

Sunderland told Australia’s ABC News that the boat’s discovery left her “very emotional.” She also said retrieving “Wild Eyes” is unlikely, given the cost involved.

In a historic first, China has successfully landed a rover on the far side of the moon.

The China National Space Agency released a photo showing the moon’s surface, as well as an animation of the rover’s landing.

The mission is to conduct numerous experiments, including attempts to find water and other resources, and to see if certain plants can grow in low gravity.

Believe it or not, a custom Kevlar vest has been designed to protect dogs from coyote attacks.

It was developed by a Colorado dog owner after a series of attacks in her area.

She’s selling the safety vests for $100 each, which isn’t too shabby considering it could definitely double as a punk rock pooch Halloween costume!

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