Dennis Intermediate students return to class after shooting

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RICHMOND, Ind. – On Monday students at Dennis Intermediate School returned to class more than  three weeks after a shooting inside the school.

In December, a teenage boy broke into the school and after being confronted by police, took his own life.

Emotional support dogs were brought in and counselors were made available to students.

A spokesperson for the district says classes ran on an adjusted schedule, giving faculty and staff time to gauge how the students were handling the transition.

Before doors opened, parents lined the sidewalk in front of the school. They were there to applaud students as they arrived.

One parent said seeing the support when she dropped off her student was emotional.

“I said look there are all your fans. It about made me cry to see all the support from all the parents, for the students, and the faculty,” said Leslie Jennings. Her daughter is in the 6th grade. “I see a lot of extra staff up here and police and everything. So yeah it’s reassuring.”

Jennings says the long break helped her daughter, and they are now working to put the incident behind them.

“I think she’s good, and she said her a lot of her friends are really good too. Hopefully they’re not all traumatized, but I think everybody’s doing pretty good about it.”

All schools in the district also began using a new security system.

The new system scans any visitor’s driver’s license and gives them a paper ID to wear at all times.

Jennings says she is happy to see the change, but hopes additional security measures will be put in place.

“I think that’s a good step forward. I think they should get like metal detectors, or wands at least. Whenever they go into the door, if it takes a little bit longer then it takes a little bit longer.”

The district says more upgrades will come.

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