Take a look at this: Cop saves kitten from busy highway, then adopts her

Check out these viral stories in today’s “Take a look at this!”

A Kansas City cop stepped in to save a life — and ended up with a new family member!

Officer Jason Smith noticed a tiny kitten on a busy roadway’s barrier wall and immediately pulled over to remove it from harm.

The officer didn’t just bring the kitten to the safety of his patrol car. After being checked out by a vet, Officer Smith’s family adopted the kitten and named her Bella.

Police video from Michigan shows a teen’s wild ride in a stolen police cruiser.

Officers were responding to reports of a fight when the driver of a minivan fled the scene on foot.

Officers gave chase, leaving their keys in the police cruiser. That’s when the 17-year-old girl took off, hitting the minivan.

The dash cam recorded her wild ride, which included driving up on a sidewalk and her abandoning the cruiser, leaving it drifting in the road.

Police say both the teen and the driver that fled were eventually arrested.

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