Knightstown 5th graders come to the aid of local fire departments with rescue devices for pets

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KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. — Thanks to efforts of fifth graders at a Knightstown school, firefighters in Hancock, Henry and Rush Counties will have another life-saving device at their disposal when rescuing animals: pet oxygen masks.

The students at Knightstown Intermediate School teamed up local pet therapy dog owners Steve and Julia Roberts and sold calendars depicting the Roberts’ therapy dogs Alvin and Arlo.

“It was a win-win situation, ” Knightstown Intermediate Principal Charles Gray commented. ” One of our teachers is associated with the Roberts and in a discussion with them, she found out that local fire departments lacked ways to really help out animals rescued from fire situations, especially if those animals needed oxygen. So after a conversation with school personnel here, the idea was born about of selling calendars showing the Robert’s therapy dogs and taking that money and buying oxygen masks which then could be distributed throughout. One side-bar idea was to include the fifth graders to help out with this endeavor and well, the rest is history.”

The students were able to raise enough money to purchase 30 oxygen masks which were distributed to the fire departments in Hancock, Henry and Rush Counties.

Gray said he was not only pleased with the efforts by the students to help raise money for a worthwhile cause, but hopes that future partnerships with students and other organizations can again be done if the need arises.

Alvin and Arlo therapy dogs – picture courtesy of friends fellowship community

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