Hoosiers prepare for winter storm

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.–Several inches of snow is expected to fall this weekend and Hoosiers are preparing in the their own way.

Many are hitting the grocery stores and getting the necessities. "I'm getting milk, eggs, bread just like the typical American style run of the store types of things to get," Kroger shopper Melissa Greenwood said.

“It’s been a very busy day. People are getting very excited for the snow and that’s a good thing," Assistant Kroger Manager said.

Others are deciding if they’re going get out and brave the snow to watch the Colts take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

"We're gonna celebrate and get excited no matter what. If there is snow, ice, it doesn’t matter we’re so used to it," Product Manger for The Tap Brandon Loomis said.

On Saturday, there will be a ton of people spending the snow day at The Tap on Mass Ave. It’s where the Indy Blue Crew will be at too.

"We’re going to expect a lot of action no matter what. We’re expecting to be super busy. Every single room will be filled and packed," Loomis explained.

So as long as your stocked up on groceries and have a plan in place to watch the football game, looks like you’re ready for snow.

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