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‘We knew that was a possibility’: Travel issues adding to Colts fans woes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Mother Nature wreaked havoc not only on the Colts during their playoff loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City, but their faithful fans traveling to the game as well.

Several members of the Blue Crew headed out Friday afternoon with some of them being hit head-on by snow.

“We got one buddy that got stuck in traffic there, was about a 13 hour road trip," John Steber said of his fellow Blue Crew members, "That would be a long car ride if it's full of a bunch of people in a rental car.”

The Blue Crew did not take their signature Fire Truck down to Kansas City either.

“It would cost us $1,000 in diesel, and it would take us five days to drive there on the interstate," Blue Crew Fire Truck driver Perry Fiscus said, “It wasn’t made for long hauls. It was made for driving quick down neighborhoods to put fires out."

Other fans headed to Kansas City with the Bullseye Event Group had split results. About fifty fans, including Cincinnati Reds stars Tucker Barnhart and Drew Storen, flew to the game while many others were turned down at the airport. One fan thought his day was over when his flight was cancelled, but another fan gave him and his family a lift in their private jet.

No matter where people watched the game, the result was just as cold.

“We knew that was a possibility. That offense is very high powered. Patrick Mahomes is having a good year," Steber said.

The Colts season ended abruptly at Arrowhead Stadium. The team won ten of twelve games to end the year, but failed to win the last one.


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