Take a look at this: Massive spinning ice disc is blowing minds

Check out these viral stories in today’s “Take a look at this!”

A nearly perfect, spinning disc of ice formed in a Maine river.

The massive formation drew curious onlookers to the banks of the Presumpscot River.

According to a City of Westbrook official, the disc is roughly 100 yards in diameter and is spinning in a counter clockwise direction.

That same official captured breathtaking drone footage of the amazing sight.

Experts say discs can from in a slow-moving, rotating part of a river. The slow-moving water freezes faster than the more rapid surrounding water, which forms a circle of ice.

It’s a natural, but rare phenomenon.

An artist is using his talents to spread home in a wildfire-ravaged California town.

Shane Grammer, an artist for Disney, traveled from Los Angeles to Paradise with one goal — to leave a mark that would lift residents’ spirits.

The town of Paradise was almost completely destroyed by 2018’s Camp Wildfire.

Grammer’s first work there, a painting of a woman, quickly went viral.

He returned to spend a full week painting on charred chimneys, cars and other remains.

He wanted to do what he could to inspire those who are starting over.

“It’s kind of a stamp that life was here and life can continue to be here,” Grammer said.

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