Wayne Township Fire warning drivers to stay off the roads this weekend

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – As this weekend’s storm approaches, first responders are warning Hoosiers to stay off the roads. Wayne Township Fire though is still expecting a high volume of calls over the weekend.

Drivers were having an easy time on the interstates and side roads Friday night but that won’t be the case this weekend. Gillespie Florists on the city’s west side even rescheduled its deliveries on Saturday so their staff did not have to drive.

“We want everyone to stay safe,” said Sarah Gillespie, Operations Manager of Gillespie Florists.

Gillespie called in more help for an extra 30 deliveries on Friday. Those arrangements would have been sent on Saturday.

“It is not worth someone’s wellbeing or safety or their life even just to offer a service or a level of service to the consumer,” she said. “You have to consider other people on the road like police and fire.”

It’s something Wayne Township fire appreciates because their job does not stop tomorrow. They’ve activated an Emergency Operations Center to make sure firefighters can get to their calls, especially on unplowed roads.

“The last ice storm or ice event we had we had difficulty with some of our apparatus just getting stranded on a flat roadway like many cars were,” said Lt. Troy Wymer.

Their biggest challenge is access to buildings or homes where there is a large amount of snow. They will coordinating logistics back to the headquarters. They even have a warming bus ready to go.

“That bus will be dispatched to go to the scene so the firefighters or the people displaced have a place to go to that is warm,” he said.

Gillespie Florists was open during last weekend’s storm but everyone is taking this one more seriously.

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