Bridging the gap: Greenfield recovery center offers new addiction program

GREENFIELD, Ind. – A new program in Hancock County is bridging the gap of life before and after addiction. Organizers are determined to help recovering addicts connect and learn from their past.

It’s a safe place for Jesica Dittemore and Brittney Moore.

“Just to know a community cares,” said Dittemore.

It takes people away from negative relationships and drugs, like heroin.

“When I was 17 I was in an abusive relationship and really went downhill, became addicted to drugs and just the lifestyle,” said Dittemore. “I lived out on the streets for a few years and I ended up getting arrested last year.”

“It makes me sad because I was there. I was addicted to heroin for six years. I definitely understand, but I feel bad for them, too,” said Moore.

These women are part of The Bridge. The group on Tuesday nights is open to 18 to 28-year-old’s and is located at The Landing Place in Greenfield. The group meets weekly to talk about anxiety, self-harm, suicide, and drug addiction. Right now, there are about 15 participants. There are many different classes to listen in on, and then participants break into small groups for discussion.

“We teach either on a recovery topic, a management topic, which could either be depression, anxiety, money management, abuse, sexual and physical abuse, general life issues, anger and the disease of addiction,” said Director Linda Ostewig.

There is also a different session available on Wednesdays. That’s when they’re seeing upwards to 75 people attending recovery sessions.

Ostewig says they have teens as young as 13 seeking help at their facility.

“They were getting to be 20, 21, 22 and they weren’t wanting to leave, and they really had nowhere else to go. That age group from 18 to 28 is the hardest age to stay sober,” said Ostewig.

According to Hancock County’s heroin protocol program, in 2017, 35 percent of active adult cases admitted to using heroin or opioids.

“It was the number one cause of death in that age group,” Ostewig added. “We’re seeing more people die from the disease of addiction.”

At The Bridge, recovery coaches who have also gone through the process, step up to lead classes.

Terri Neal is one of the Recovery Coaches at The Bridge. She herself knows what it takes to be sober.

“I have been in recovery, successful recovery for over eight years now. It gives people a lot of hope. It tells you that it can be done,” said Neal. “It’s that connection that fills that void of addiction.”

They’re bridging the gap from the past to a sober present.

“I would not trade my best day in that life, for my worst day in this,” said Dittemore.

The Bridge meets every Tuesday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The Landing Place is located 18 W. South Street, Greenfield, Indiana 46140.

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