Jiffy Lube’s ‘Growing People Through Work’ program helps employees reach their goals

Paying off student loans, buying your first home and losing 125 pounds? All while crediting your employer for helping you do it?

It's a growing trend here in Indianapolis and Steve Sanner, the president and owner of Jiffy Lube Indiana, is making it happen through the company's "Growing People Through Work" program. He and employee Lonnie Hinkle answered questions about the unique program in this week's Angela Answers.

"Growing People Through Work" provides classes to coach employees on personal finances and physical health. Managers who are first-time home buyers can get a $5,000 loan for their down payment. Other benefits include tuition reimbursement for employees and their children, seminars on financial literacy and wellness, and a fund that provides no-interest loans to employees in need of help during emergencies.

You can learn more about the program here.

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