Take a look at this: Cops fall through thin ice saving teen

Check out these viral stories in today’s “Take a look at this!”

Body cam video captured officers falling into freezing water during a tense ice rescue in Ohio.

Toledo police officers responded after a teenager fell through the ice on a frozen pond.

As the first officer inched toward the boy, the ice gave way.

Two more went in before all were pulled out.

One of the officers said the water “felt like needles.”

The teen and at least one officer were reportedly treated for hypothermia — all are expected to be okay.

Toledo Police tweeted that the first officer to go in couldn’t wait and had to take action. They also said the teen’s 11-year-old brother, who called 911, was the real hero.

The surreal sound of singing was captured by skaters on a frozen lake in Norway.

It all took place on the ice of Lake Femsjøen.

Strange frequencies like these are often a product of changing temperatures shifting the ice.

One of the skaters wrote on Instagram that the ice was a “perfect 5.5 to 7 cm” and also pointed out the full moon in the sky.

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