Local coffee shop to limit laptop use on weekends: ‘We want something that is fair for everyone’

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A popular Indy coffee shop is cutting the cord on laptop users who utilize the store as a workspace.

Provider Coffee will limit use of those devices from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The shop said they are not breaking out timers, or passing out checks, but merely using the rule as a fallback on busy days.

“Every now and then people are too flustered, and just have to walk out," Provider Head Barista Ross Bemis said. "That's not what we want to see."

The bar is trying to build a social scene, and they said on weekends the overcrowding can cause groups and families to struggle to find seating. The bar seats 45 people, and Bemis said at times they can have 20 people working on laptops.

“It's not exactly justifiable based on the space they are taking, when we have guests coming in looking for seats," Bemis said.

Customers like Leila Viera use coffee shops to work a few times a week. She said her employer can be flexible with where to work, and getting out of the house allows her a change of scenery and to explore Indy's local shops. Viera said it will be key for Provider to be upfront about the rule.

“If I came here without knowing that was as a rule, I'd definitely be a bit frustrated, and likely take my business elsewhere," Viera said.

Provider said they may lift the rule at their discretion, or give leeway to those who buy as they work. The rule of thumb is $5 per hour at the shop.

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