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We’re getting on a weather roller coaster this week; record cold temperatures possible

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Do you like roller coasters? We’re getting on a weather roller coaster this week. The start of the week may be deceiving as a quick warm-up brings temperatures toward 40-degrees. However, it won’t be entirely pleasant. Windy conditions along side rain mixing with snow will still create for an uncomfortable day. Make sure to have the umbrella handy!

You may feel like it’s been chilly this weekend but this has been nothing compared to what’s coming. See those subzero temperatures in the map below? That arctic air is on the move this week and headed our way. The polar jet stream takes a dive mid-week and will bring us the coldest air of the season. Temperatures will run around 35° below average for this times of year. We’ll have several record tying or breaking opportunities. The record low for both Wednesday and Thursday is set at -11°. We’re forecasting to be at or near there this week. PLUS, we have a shot at breaking the record minimum high temperature for the day on Wednesday. The previous record is set at 7°, set back in 2004, 1966 and 1936. With a forecast high of -1° that day, 2019 has a good chance to take the title for the day.

Not only will actual temperatures be uncomfortable but wind chill temperatures will be in the “dangerous” category. Wind chill temperatures both Wednesday and Thursday could drop as much as 35° BELOW zero. Have a plan to check on your neighbors that may need assistance and plan to bring your pets indoors.

I did say it was a roller coaster though, right? By next weekend, temperatures surge back toward 50°. This huge fluctuation in temperatures is likely to cause a lot of new pot holes on the roads, just you wanted to hear, I know. We’ll continue to monitor the forecast and bring you updates as new data comes in.

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