Keeping tire pressure in check during the cold weather

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – With extremely cold weather coming, you could expect to see the tire light come on in your car. With every 10 degree drop in temperature, tires can lose 1 to 2 PSI of pressure.

While tires will warm up once you begin to drive, experts advise you should always get tires checked when the light comes on.

"The warmer the tire gets it will inflate, so what I see a lot of times is someone's tire pressure light will come on in the morning and as they continue to drive the tire pressure light will go out," said Demetrius Johnston, a store manager for Best One of Indy. "(However) I always recommend checking it. Regardless if you think it’s going to air up or not, I definitely always recommend getting it checked because you never know.”

Most tire shops like Best One of Indy will check your tire pressure for free. You can also find air pumps at gas stations, but on rare occasions those could freeze, letting air out of your tires instead of putting air in.

It's important to always hang up the nozzle when you're done to avoid water getting inside.

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