DPW crews continue clearing city roads Friday evening after difficult morning commute

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s been a treacherous day on the roads. Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) crews have been working around the clock trying to clear this mess before any refreezing becomes an issue.

We heard from many people questioning was DPW prepared for today? The answer is yes, according to them.

It was a dangerous Friday morning.

“I was scared a little bit. I could die, literally like run into something,” said Christopher Sanders when explaining about his commute to downtown this morning.

IMPD responding to 79 crashes. Many commutes taking double or triple the time.

“I had to drive from my cousins house from 71st and Michigan all the way down to 30th, it was crazy,” said Sanders, “To the point where we were going 15 miles per hour, all that slush, I’m still swerving.”

After that, Sanders said forget it and jumped on a city bus.  Other drivers felt the same frustration.

“It’s kind of like creative writing with driving, like I hope this is my lane, we’re making it one,” said Gillian Clark, who commutes downtown.

Others didn’t notice an issue.

“They weren’t too bad, but there wasn’t a lot of traffic,” said driver Bryan Cundiff.

Although you may have not seen the plows, they were out in full force.

“Our crews are out there, we promise,” said Charnay Pickett, the Public Information Officer for DPW.

Pickett says, 80 trucks have been out since 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon. Crews pretreated the roads and laid down salt.

Pickett added, “Of course, with the colder temperatures we’re seeing salt is less effective, but it will still work.”

Remember to leave about a three cars length distance between you and the trucks, that way they can continue to do their job.  DPW says check out the Indy Snow Force Viewer.  By the hour, drivers can see the last time a road was treated.

“When’s the last time a road was plowed, so zero to two hours, two to four hours, so you can really see what roads in your area have been plowed and when’s the last time, and not even plowed but salted too,” said Pickett.

Determined to keep all 368 square miles of Indianapolis safe, DPW says, they just ask for drivers to remain patient during this winter weather.

“The snow stopped at a certain time they should have been out here. But at the same time everybody is human, everybody is not perfect. I’m not mad at them,” Sanders added.

Crews will continue to treat roadways throughout the day Friday to ensure streets are safe and passable. Since 3 p.m. Thursday when crews began pre-treating city roadways, DPW has used over 4,800 tons of salt.

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