Edwin Jackson’s family awards scholarships in Atlanta 1 year after his passing

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Edwin Jackson’s two years with the Indianapolis Colts was cut short with his untimely death on Super Bowl Sunday one year ago, but his legacy lives on in his hometown of Atlanta.

The Edwin Jackson Foundation is giving back by handing out 53 $500 college book scholarships to students involved in youth-oriented community service in both The ATL and the Circle City.

“Edwin’s goal was to be here getting ready to play for the Super Bowl. It’s bittersweet,” Edwin’s brother Adam Jackson admitted. “However, we are still using Edwin’s legacy, we are still telling his story and we are still making an impact. That’s what Edwin wanted.”

The Jackson family is determined in helping to keep #53 front and center.

“Edwin was very special, and Edwin knew he had a story,” Adam explained. “So to keep it going and keep telling his story is powerful. It’s motivating. It can inspire someone. And that’s what we are doing.”

Edwin’s presence was not only felt on the field but also across the central Indiana community during his time with the horseshoes. He was passionate about making an impact and was a staple on the team’s “Community Tuesday” outings, smiling, laughing and engaging with fans of all ages. His brother says that was authentically Edwin.

“Edwin knew he was special, he knew he was blessed, and he knew he represented more than himself,” Adam said. “And he did that at all times. He was always aware that it was bigger than him and his foundation is just a part of that outreach from Edwin.”

The Jackson family plans to continue this Super Bowl weekend tradition, honoring Edwin and sharing his story. Next year, they will deliver more scholarships in Miami, where as they told our Chris Widlic, they hope to watch the Colts represent the AFC and contend for a Lombardi, as Edwin always dreamed of doing.

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